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3 months NEET PG preparation plan by- Dr. Trisha yadu



                 I am Dr. Trisha Yadu, I know things around us are a bit heated at the moment. Neet pg has been postponed and most of the doctor who is aspirants are working to save others life. The situation is depressing and most of us have been facing other issues as well. I was there where you are now. Last year I cracked  my NEET PG, what I kept in  my mind was and I kept saying to myself  that, You are so close to the victory, don’t you dare give up now.” I know all these words are useless and you must and by this time you have seen many motivational videos, what I got for you is a Three-month plan which I had followed and it helped me.  So, try it out on yourself and let me know.

The perfect study plan you could ask for

3 months: JUNE, JULY & AUGUST ROUTINE: 3 MONTHS= Good amount of time to revise+ practise MCQs You already have read the theory part twice by now. Now it’s time to focus more on the practice part .

Divide your day into three parts.

 1. Read/ revise. 

2. Images intracell /IBQ’s 

3. Practise MCQ’S -> primary focus. 

Try to practise MCQs in the part of the day when you are about to give an exam. (Morning/evening). This will condition your brain to be more active during that part of the day. 

FIRST MONTH : Finish the subject you are under confident about in the initial first month. Doubt keep it for later, don’t invest more time in reading new stuff now. REVISE the parts you have already done. If you are scared of certain topics -> first solve MCQs from that part. TRY NOT TO CAVE THE ENTIRE SUBJECT. • Say if you did leave a subject previously, now it’s the time to get done with that. • Keep your first Month reserved for your weaknesses. 

SECOND MONTH: Now that you are done with the subjects once/ twice. Focus on bigger and high yields (anat/patho/obgy) Subject like SX all more based on recent advances so keep in touch with these subjects more via questions and videos. (Image and visual memory is way too short lasting) So try to look at the images more while you are studying. [Make folders in your cell phone which, includes compilation of images and MCQ’S which you went wrong with] . These folders/ screenshots will come in handy at the time of last moment revision. 

THIRD MONTH: Keep this time reserved for things you keep forgetting often: not the entire subject is important every subject has certain parts/topics from which you keep on getting repeated questions. Keep in mind that you will be getting repeats in every exam which you never miss on if you don’t practise question as this month should be more about practice keep on striking MCQ’s/ test paper and eventually you’ll come across every possible twist which they might throw you at during final exam.

Your mock test rank doesn’t determine your final rank. I have jumped 9k rank higher from mock test rank to final exam rank. KEEP WORKING. Well, I would recommend my juniors and the other pg. aspirants to get notes from NOTES NEXT DOOR. I prepared myself with the help of their notes. Specially when we have so much on our plate its really a great help when someone else is providing us with proper and brief notes because it really saves time. Best of luck for your exam. Give your best and don’t loose hope. 

Thank you.

                                                                                                               DR. TRISHA YADU

                                                                                       MBBS, Ms. OPTHALMOLOGY (PG 1)


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