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The Soldiers We Lost…

The Indian Medical Association recently said that over 400 doctors have succumbed to Covid-19 during the second wave of the pandemic in India.
400 lives lost in a literal medical battle within a span of few months.
Adding up the statistics of last year, a total of about 720 doctors have lost their lives, the youngest of them being a 25-year-old physician from Delhi. 

             You remember how we treat our soldiers who are out there fighting a war on the border. We pay them our utmost respect and honor them for sacrificing themselves in the call of duty. They are called heroes, warriors, and fighters. 

And now that our country is amidst overwhelming medical warfare and the medical practitioners, doctors and nurses are the ones out there on the borders desperately trying to pull back the infected from the clutches of an isolated death, how exactly have we been treating them?  

It could have been so easy for the doctors and nurses to quit and sit back at home like all others, to put themselves first and let the situation be. But they didn’t, they went out and faced the situation, faced it, fought it, and died in “the line of duty”. The 720 lives lost were no normal people, they were our soldiers too, just the ones who fought a battle of a different dynamic altogether. And we let them fade away into oblivion.

India needs to stand up to their sacrifice. We as citizens need to strengthen up and take charge, take charge of our lives and responsibilities. Stay at home, learn to let go of the luxuries you crave for a while, help those in need to the maximum you can, save important events for later and better times, use proper protection and get yourselves vaccinated as soon as you can. Because while you abide by all this, remember it’s not just yourself and your family that you are protecting, you shall also be honoring the death of all those who fought for the lives of your countrymen and left for the heavenly abode. Let’s not let their dying go in vain, let’s not prove that they fought for nothing, that their courage was futile. 

                Let’s do it for them and for us. Let us not lose hope because we shall only lose the day we lose our hope. Otherwise, even in the face of adversity, there has never been a problem that an Indian couldn’t deal with.
Show your power, honor the ones we lost.

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